Using E-Mail Control Panel


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Horde Click the Horde link to launch this webmail client.  This is a newer version than we were using previously, but all of the features are similar.
SquirrelMail An alternative webmail client.  It doesn't offer nearly as many features as Horde, but is simple and easy to use.
Change Password Use this feature to change your password.  Please change your password as soon as possible after recieving a new one.
Forwarding Options You can use this feature to have all of your mail forwarded to another account.  Please note: mail will continue to be delivered to your mailbox as well, so don't forget to empty it on occasion.  Also, the account you forward to will not have permission to send to many of the SLTP e-mail lists, so you will need to login to your SLTP account to reply to those messages.
Auto Responders This feature can be used to send an automated response to everyone who sends an e-mail to you.  While this can be useful on rare occasions, it can also be very dangerous when receiving SPAM and I do not reccomend using this feature.
Configure Mail Client

This feature will help you to automatically configure certain mail clients and will provide you with ALL MAIL SETTINGS you will need to configure your own client manually.  You will see many different configuration options and they offer some limited explanations.  In general, any time you have the option to use SSL, I would choose that because it will encrypt the communications between your computer and the server.  When choosing between IMAP and POP3, IMAP offers more features, but POP3 is often easier to configure.

NOTES:  Sending outgoing mail through the SLTP server now requires authentication.  There is a mistake in the Manual Settings section:  If you use SSL on your ougoing mail server, you can use the default port (465) and not port 26 as indicated in the section

Email Delivery Route Not as interesting as you might think it would be, but feel free to look if you would like.
Email Filtering Filtering your messages can be a useful way to sort your mail as it arrives, but it can be a little tricky to setup.  Consult with Adam if you wish to use this feature.
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